Personal NaNoWriMo, of a Sort

Because I live in cultural seclusion, I’ve only just learned of the yearly NaNoWriMo contest that’s been running since all the way back in 1999 (!). Suffice to say, it caught me just a little unprepared this year. Still, I like the idea of having some sort of daily writing requirement, and so, at least in recognition of the spirit, I’m going to be writing a piece of flash fiction every day for the rest of the month. Come the first few days of December, I’ll post the best 10 (I rather suspect that a fair amount of dross is imminent, so I’ll do my best to narrow it down) perhaps after a dusting down or some slight editing. I’m going to be experimenting with microfiction, drabble, and prose poetry, so there’s little reason that this effort should take me away from other projects. Stay tuned!


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