Notes from Saló

Notes from Saló

I must prepare, I must prepare my body, but also my mind. The coming months, they will be the most stern test of my physique, my self, that I’ve yet undergone. It would be a terrible waste to be rendered unable to enjoy the fruits of our labour by mere exhaustion, and so, in these days running up, I will do my best to bolster my latent prowess. It would be a mistake to simply wander in, as off the street, to such a marathon.

No simple aphrodisiac will do – I anticipate that the combination of the situations themselves, and the talents of the companions we have gone to such lengths to acquire, will generally raise my attention – no, I need something that will grant access to reserves of vitality usually dormant. There are some substances I’ve heard of, in places best left unwritten, that can set a man’s body alight, ingested orally, sometimes even breaking down the walls between this world and the next – nonsense, of course, this life being the only one allowed us, and more reason to taste its pleasures while we may! However, the other elements of it, well, that may be worth exploring…

As per more…physical limits, the development of petroleum, part of the modern industrial process, has shone the light on the some most beneficial by-products. I’ve already put in an order for a large tub. This should help in times of high-friction, after other, more mundane, natural methods have dried up, so to speak.


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