The Republican Diet of Neo-Baku

The Republican Diet of Neo-Baku

            The kleptic congress meets in the arching technic-tower Prime. Oil-slick froth slides against the cable-gird trunk, cleaving corrosive film in its wake. Acidclouds gather over the Caspian, obscuring the sun from the Drowned City.

“Magistertium, we gather here to decide the output of the next cycle, its creation its consumption, so that the lifeoline may flow, the ‘tricity run.”

“Forenever and ever, Omen.”

“Adjuditant, what of the onyx flats of Abkhazia? Production rates have fallen by .3 percentiles a turn.”

“Directoratrix, domestic disturbance runs amok, fouling efficiency. Ferric dust storms canker works, and a fumation rises from the Black Skein. With the Diet’s approval, Extermines will quell helot rebellion.”

“It is approved.”

“What of the Ordinal Prognostications?”

“All runs accorridor the Twisting.”

A coldness clings to the air, dank with rusty exudations. The Seven stand still in secret septs, surrounded seriously studying sterile scrolls, scravening structures sounding sadnesses sold seeping in midst of plethora.

Far below the cant of seminal dicta, an industrial insect scraps a child, all useable parts rendered in at once. Flash fleshed, brisk boned, deep decorticated, life is cheap on the streets of Neo-Baku.


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