The Modality of Illness

The Modality of Illness

What does it mean to be ill?
To be dying?
What is the meaning of violence?

How can one tell when the shift from
dying to dead happens,
from health to un-health?
When it comes time to hit to mean it,
how do you avoid pulling the punch?

Where does the sickness enter in,
and how can it be known,
in the moment,
that you shift from living to dying?

Life doesn’t happen
While the time-slice might
be binary
the lived experience is continua.

You can’t switch between the two,
completely in one or the other.
So, how do you effect the shift?
Our media, our lessons, our culture
provide no easy solution.

At our bases, we are all
still Parmenedean.
The act of the will
is all,
and allows of no

At point A
a thing is 0,
and point B
a thing is 1.
And the gulf between the two,
Where is the room for life?




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