The Start

The Start

The early days
where we are tentative:
Each with diffident regard
for the other – not yet honest,
still wrapped up in the allure of the foreign.
At arms length we eye one-another,
unsure of the way ahead.

Easily abashed, we shy from
the bold and dangerous claims of our hearts
their true pealing tones.
when hinted at,
or fallen into
and –
met with words of support!

Ah, then the rush of emotion;
the desire to forge new commonalities;
to root out the remaining similarities;
it is strong.

The growth of it, it depends on
moments like this
where we rush roughshod
over our own timidity.
Where we drop our guard,
forgetting the earnest hopes
and desires
and bare ourselves.
Self forgotten in a moment of

Only this way can we grow –
grow to be true friends.


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