Late-month Veganuary Catch-Up

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, the pace at which I’d been posting slackened off rather substantially this last week and a bit.
I’m afraid that, with the addition of (semi)regular exercise to the day, and the effort to diversify my remaining free time, writing up these daily reports kinda took back-burner. This, then, will serve as a bit of a catch-up, with a few of the more interesting dishes I put together featuring.

First off – as promised – the ferment!
This one actually only came of age over the weekend, so the delay wasn’t that big of a deal.

Jars are your friend


I cobbled those guys together early last week, and they were ready to go come Saturday. I looked at a few recipes before getting started, but the one I followed most closely is probably this one. Rather than stick to the more traditional, Korean, ingredients, I made do with what was on hand – about half a green cabbage, five or six regular radishes rather than daikon, a mix of cayenne and paprika rather than the kochukaru. Shallots instead of scallions…Really, not very close to that recipe at all. Even the miso paste was the wrong colour…
Whatever, came out great!

Because I’m a coward and a mongrel, I’ve only yet had it as a condiment on a bean burger, but it’s been stellar. I’m glad that I cut the cayenne with the paprika, as this sucker came out screaming! I’m looking forward to it growing in complexity over the next few weeks – should last at least a month, from what I’ve read. I’ve done kimchi on the fly before – really just shredded cabbage and vinegar, for immediate-to-day-after consumption, so I’m curious to see how this goes.

The Saturday before last, I took some time to prepare the dish featured in the below video, from, our friend, the Vegan Black Metal Chef:


As you can tell from the vid, we definitely come from the same school of cookery. It’s a pretty free-hand approach, but, in trying to match the amounts displayed, be ready to dedicate a fair amount of sugar. Lots of sugar. Also, after what turned out to be a therapeutic crushing of the peanuts with a rolling pin, I did decide to give them a whir in the blender. Just weren’t quite there. The method described for reducing the water-content of your tofu didn’t have great results for me, the first time round. Use a goodly amount of weight, and give it time.

Alongside the various meals described here and in previous posts, we’ve been trying out treats and sweet options, for snacks and the like. Usually something on the weekend , the first effort was this recipe for vegan scones. My wife was the one to try it out, and, though the results were perfectly fine, she found that it was rather easy to over-work the dough, and she would have spread the dough out thicker, for a more substantial final product. Maybe even add some baking soda directly, depending on the responsiveness of your self-raising flour. We elected for whipped coconut milk, rather than the ‘clotted cream’ they provide a guide for. Or just jam, that works too.

Bit thin.

Other efforts have included a tea-loaf with mixed fruit, and, most recently, some almond-flavoured cupcakes with vegan icing. Not always the prettiest, but definitely appreciated!

Sunday, I made a ratatouille based off Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s in ‘River Cottage Veg Everyday!’

3 courgettes (cut into thin strips), 3 onions, 1 1/2 moderate sized aubergine and a red capsicum made up the body of it, with a sauce of 1 can of tinned tomatoes and about 1.5x that fresh, plenty of garlic, small amount of sugar, and fresh rosemary chopped. Served up on a bed of Israeli couscous.

Anyone can Cook!

The cook time, as is traditional, is rather extensive, so block out the space in advance. 45 minutes for the sauce on the hob-top, with Hugh F-W recommending between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours for the veg at 190 – I found mine was done an hour in, but it’ll vary. Pour the sauce in with the veg and throw the whole thing in the oven for another 10 minutes or so to give it time to blend.

Last night, did a spin on the Thai Tom Yum soup, which is something I make up once a month or so, though usually with shrimp. This time, subbed in tofu, using the aforementioned water-reduction method from the pad thai above. With more time and weight, came out a bit better.
Aside from the tofu, I used rice noodles, onion, capsicum, carrots, with copious amounts of garlic, ginger, and lemon grass to flavour. I also polished off the rest of the dried shiitake mentioned in an earlier post – elected to deep fry them in the left-over oil from the tofu this time, after giving them ample time to rehydrate. I’ve been meaning to do a proper, from-scratch version of Tom Yum, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the galangal on hand…somewhere…but I’ve been using a 900g jar of hot and sour paste the last little while, and it does nicely. Comes with the MSG built in, too!


So, yeah, that’s about the sum of the last few weeks. Other meals were made up of repeats of previous efforts or small affairs cobbled together on the fly, not really worth detailing. Lunches have often been leftovers or purpose-built salads/buddha bowls, nothing really novel.

Perhaps you’ll be able to grab inspiration off something above for the last few days in the month!


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