Valentine’s Special – Vegan Bean Burgers in Beet Wraps

In recognition of the day, thought I’d try out something thematic.

Cuz it’s red, get it?
Also, the other guys have much better photography than mine.

Swapped out a few things from the recipe, given that this was a spur of the moment decision. Rather than the sprouted wheat berries, opted for the same amount of quinoa. We all know that that is no-where near enough garlic, whether powdered or fresh. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up any nutritional yeast flakes, and it was too little time to prepare my own. Otherwise, things were more or less the same.

As any vegetarian worth their salt will tell you, bean burgers are hella difficult to cook properly. This blend was no different. I tweaked the balance with every fresh round to hit the pan – making them smaller, adding aquafaba, and finally gram flour directly. There was definite improvement each time, but they still came out fairly crumbly.

Not Ideal

Slightly Better












I took a run at the beetroot/gram flour wraps before doing the burgers themselves, which was…a beneficial tuition, shall we say? Initial efforts had the heat set too low, and the size of the pan made flipping the wrap unwieldy. The texture of the gram flour is quite granular in comparison with standard wheat, and is much denser without any gluten. This resulted in undesirable wrinkling and tears through the cook. Post-burger prep, swapped out the large pan for a smaller one, higher heat, and less batter per wrap. Improved the experience immensely.

Work intensive, for sure. Be warned – between the protein-heavy bean burgers and the ultra-dense gram flour wraps, this is a very filling meal. Don’t be expecting to polish off that box of Godiva tonight!









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